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Item List

Mojo design file sent out to make a Stainless Steel version.  About 2 weeks needed including hand finishing.  Price will be about 2X the plastic version. Cap/Lig extra.

316L SS Versions

Mojo Design (3D Printing Outsourced)

A5, C5 and shiny finish B7 (not shown). Price each. [B5 shown has been sold]

AS Graftonite

Rico Royal

1.90mm Tip, 32 mm length. The tip rail was too wide and the facing was crooked in spots. It articulated sluggishly and sounded dull. I did some light refacing and it is a good Mouthpiece now. No cap/lig.

BC Focus


For $130 deposit, I will send you 3-4 to trial. I have others not shown.

BC Mojo Custom

Babbitt Blank

B7 size with Ligature and Mojo Cap

BS Graftonite B7

Rico Royal

Based on my HR Buescher shown (not for sale) Dark, Medium and Bright Models available.  Custom tip openings.

C Soprano D/M/B

Mojo 3D Printed

Gray PETG Hook, Support, Hook Clamp with black metal hardware and glued-on suede. (You supply the On-Stage music stand.)  Stand hook also fits EEb Leblanc Paperclip contra alto clarinet.

CBC & Bass Flute Stand

Mojo 3D Printed

Comes with Mojo ligature. Tested on my Leblanc Paperclip. Shown with BS MH Onyx Fiberreed (not included). Special order takes about 2 weeks to make.

CBC Aluminum Cave

Mojo Design (3D Printing Outsourced)

A transitional design.  Different logo font, beak curve and improved facing curve.  .091" tip.  Ligature and cap extra.

CBC Cave

Mojo 3D Printed

Comes with Mojo ligature. Tested on my Leblanc Paperclip.

CBC Cave or Wave

Mojo 3D Printed

Click on photos for details

Caps & Ligs


Caps custom sized for a perfect fit.

Custom Cap

Mojo 3D Printed

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