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Susan Bradbury

Susan manages the logistics of Mojo Mouthpiece Work LLC.   She plays flute and piccolo.   Keith and Susan met in the Rutgers University Marching Band.

Keith Bradbury - "Mojo"

Keith has two Mechanical Engineering degrees and worked in the glass industry for 28 years as a process engineer.  On the side he played gigs in southern NJ on sax, flute and clarinet.  In 2001, he combined his interest in sax and engineering to begin learning about mouthpiece refacing.  He learned about age old practices and engineered new techniques that improved on the old methods.  He started the Mouthpiece Work forum to exchange ideas with other refacers.  Where technology is limited, his art and craftsmanship takes over.  He has many satisfied clients world wide and is regarded as one of the top mouthpiece refacers/repairers. 

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